Numbers Don't Lie: "Daily Show's" Stewart Hammers Right Nearly Four Times More than Left

Comedy Central host averaged 23 percent of broadcast time attacking GOP and Fox.

NBC's Naked Ambitions

NBC, the Naked Broadcasting Company

High School 'Glee' Stars Strip/Sex it Up for GQ

Popular youth-oriented show's actors wear little for men's magazine; will media ignore?

Fox News Host Gutfeld Rips 'Crybaby-in-Chief' Obama for Rebuke of Network

'Red Eye' host to POTUS: 'You have the most fawning press of any president in the history of the universe and yet you let FNC get under your skin.'

Family Guy's 'Down Syndrome Girl' Song Gets Emmy Nod

Controversial musical number mocked people with disabilities.

ABC, CBS and FOX Ask Concessions from Comcast for NBC Merger

CNBC media correspondent Julia Boorstin reports affiliate associations from NBC competitors could seek special considerations from Comcast not to oppose merger.

BonusGate? 'If You're Mad at Wall Street Look at Some of These Regulators'

Regulators in charge of failed banks got big bonuses. Don't hold your breath waiting for the media outrage.

Obama Gets a Warm Embrace from Fox...Well Not FNC, But a Fox Show

It wasn't on the Fox News Channel (FNC) nor a Fox News production carried on Fox (such as Fox News Sunday), but President Barack Obama received a warm and appreciative session with John Walsh, ...

ABC Gives Credibility to Claim 'Queen of Fake Outrage' Palin 'Overreacting' to 'Irreverent' MacFarlane

Now that actress Andrea Fay Friedman of the Fox series the Family Guy has spoken out publicly against Sarah Palin, ABC has aired a story on the controversy, which ran on Saturday's World News. The ...

Fox Animator MacFarlane on HBO: 'If Reagan Were President, He Would Try Dick Cheney for War Crimes'

Former President Ronald Reagan would have prosecuted Dick Cheney for war crimes, Seth MacFarlane (IMDb page), creator, writer and executive producer of the Family Guy, American Dad! and The ...
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