ObamaCare in the House (M.D.)

Episode of medical drama takes shots at evil private insurance companies.

A Stomach Ache for Our Sponsors

When Microsoft backed out of sole sponsorship of a raunchy live special from the makers of "Family Guy," it showed that sponsors don't want to be held accountable for subsidizing raunchy content. ...

Fox's Wallace Highlights NYT's Kennedy v Helms Obit Contrast

On the August 30 Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace seemed to pick up on Clay Waters' NewsBusters item, earlier posted at TimesWatch, pointing out the blatant double standard between the New York ...

Did Teens Choose a Pole-Dancing Hannah Montana?

At Teen Choice Awards, pole-dancing and nude photos overshadow the fact that teens appreciate appropriate entertainment.

Beck Exposes 'Cash for Clunkers' Language Giving Feds Authority to Take Control of Computers

Fox News legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle warns it gives government authority to track computers 'basically forever.'

Abortion Episode Goes Too Far, Even for 'Family Guy'

Fox nixes topic for its raunchy, left-wing animated series.

FNC's Kelly: What Happened to Eased Unemployment Promised with Obama Stimulus?

Fill-in host points out despite $787-billion stimulus passed earlier this year that unemployment is rising more than estimated.

FOX: 'Lap Dances' for GM Customers?

Analysts on 'Cashin' In' debate whether GM should do whatever it takes to woo customers despite taxpayer bailout.

Obscenity Blackout

Curse words not news when networks lose.
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