George Lopez: Cain 'Darker Than Obama, But Whiter on the Inside'

On Monday's Fox and Friends, liberal comedian George Lopez all but threw the "Oreo" racial slur at Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain: "The Republicans do know that he's darker than ...

Fox & Friends Saturday Highlights Media Bias Toward Tea Party

Near the end of the Saturday edition of Fox & Friends on Fox News, co-host Clayton Morris introduced a segment on the media's double standard when it comes to covering the tea party movement ...

FNC Reports Plight of Navy SEAL Heroes Charged with Prisoner Abuse

In the past several days, FNC has given attention to the plight of three Navy SEALs who helped capture one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq ' a man named Ahmed Hashim Abed who is believed to ...

Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson: Government Unfairly Shutdown Parents' GM Dealership

Glenn Beck calls abuse of GM closures 'fascism' after morning show star tells how 90-year-old family firm was making a profit.

'Close to Zero' Chance Hillary Runs Again for President

Former first lady nearly rules out presidential bid, calls McCain's positions on economy, health care 'out-of-touch' in Fox News interview.

BMI's Gainor: 'Disagreement is Not Allowed in the Media'

Business & Media Institute Vice President tells 'Fox & Friends' media ignore and mistreat global warming 'skeptics.'

Times Watch's Waters Appears on Fox & Friends to Discuss Ad

Times Watch director Clay Waters appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss the New York Times offering cut-rate ad space to to bash General Petraeus as a betrayer of his country.
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