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NYTimes Ignores Gallup's Romney Lead, Devotes Full Story to Outdated Online Poll of Youth for Obama

The Times' Susan Saulny hypes an outdated online poll of young people as a "lost opportunity" for Mitt Romney, while the paper ignored data from the respected Gallup organization showing Romney ...
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Credibility Crisis: Gallup Finds 60 Percent Have Little or No Trust in Media

As the media report on the allegedly horrid polls for Mitt Romney, will they take the time to report the latest on their own poll ratings with Gallup? “Americans' distrust in the media hit a ...
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CBS: 'Troubling Signs' for Obama, Like Bush in '92, But President 'Cannot Control' Economy

On Friday's CBS This Morning, Jan Crawford spotlighted that "the economic and political climate today is more similar to years when incumbent presidents lost than when they won." The correspondent ...
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Exhibit 2-24: Gallup Finds Most Distrust the Media; Public’s Confidence Low (2011)

A September 2011 Gallup survey found “the majority of Americans still do not have confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly,” with three times as many Americans ...

By Record Margin, Public Sees Media as 'Politically Biased'

Two polls released Thursday show the public now sees the media as liberal, biased, inaccurate, untrustworthy, harmful to democracy and even immoral. A poll of 1501 adults conducted by the Pew ...

Networks Out of Step with Public, Ignore Majority Support for ObamaCare Repeal

In past month, ABC, CBS and NBC leave public's opposition out of 93 percent of stories mentioning health care legislation.

More than 100,000 Jobs Lost, Likely Much Worse

BLS report shows no change in unemployment rate, but Gallup warns of understated September losses.
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Exhibit 2-7: Bias in the 2004 Presidential Campaign

Four different polls conducted in the last days and immediate aftermath of the 2004 presidential campaign discovered that more voters saw the media as biased in favor of Democratic candidate John ...
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