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CNN's 'Objective' Don Lemon Appeared at Two Events Featuring Sebelius, Received 'Visibility' Award at Pro-Gay Gala

If you were wondering about CNN's objectivity on liberal issues like gay rights, the lines became a whole lot more blurred recently as anchor Don Lemon received a "Visibility" award from the ...
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Oh No: Openly Gay Idaho Lawmaker Is Quitting After Having 'Lost Patience' With State Conservatives, Laments NYT

New York Times reporter William Yardley talks to Nicole LeFavour, an openly gay legislator in Idaho, who is apparently entitled to have her particular gay-rights legislation passed: "Ms. LeFavour, ...
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CNN Asks anti-Prop 8 Plaintiffs If They're 'Considered Heroes', When They're Getting Married

CNN's Randi Kaye gave a soft interview to the plaintiffs in the case to overturn California's ban on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8. Kaye asked them questions like if there were "wedding plans ...
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