Media Apathetic About Glee's Gay Kiss

Those media outlets that chose to speak up, glossed over the controversial smooch.

'Glee' and 'Gentlemen'

A sleazy photo shoot for GQ magazine backfired on Fox's "Glee," with even Katie Couric voting thumbs-down. But Lawrence O'Donnell said I started a "cult."

Walters Defends Risqué Glee/GQ Photo Shoot

'The View' host sees no problem with sexualized photo shoot of 'family-friendly' television characters

High School 'Glee' Stars Strip/Sex it Up for GQ

Popular youth-oriented show's actors wear little for men's magazine; will media ignore?

Teens and 'Sextortion'

One mistake, one bad decision to flash skin on a webcam, can now lead to online sexual blackmail.
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