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NBC's Isikoff Suggests 'Powerful NRA' Makes It Harder to Protect Theaters

On Saturday's Today show, as NBC corresponent Michael Isikoff - formerly of Newsweek - filed a report on the drive to make people safer at movie theaters after the Aurora massacre, he concluded ...
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Piers Morgan Pushes Gun Control, Bristles at Notion of Delaying Political Debate

CNN anchor Piers Morgan devoted a considerable portion of his Friday program to pushing for more gun control, breaking with those who have advised delaying such talk until after a period of ...
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CNN Shoves Gun Control Into Spotlight After Obama Says Politics Can Wait

On a day where politics was supposed to take a back seat to "prayer and reflection" in the wake of a deadly Colorado shooting, CNN let liberal mayors drive the debate about gun control on Friday ...
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NYT's Gail Collins to Gun Rights Supporters: We Don't Want Your Kind Here

Times columnist Gail Collins, agent of intolerance: "You would think all of this would cause states to stop and rethink. But no. And, personally, I’m worn down from arguing. Florida, follow ...

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Outgunned: How the Network News Media Are Spinning the Gun Control Debate

How the Network News Media Are Spinning the Gun Control Debate
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