Drop Out Hillary, You're Winning Too Many Votes

Patrick Healy on the latest argument for Hillary to clear the path for St. Obama: "One longtime friend and adviser, Roger Altman, an official in the Clinton Treasury Department, recently urged ...

Hillary Clinton, "Avenging Angel" for Wronged Women

"In the days after Mrs. Clinton was criticized for misting up on the campaign trail, she won the New Hampshire primary and drew a wave of donations, many from women expressing indignation about ...

On Crucial Primary Day, the Times Definitely Tilts Toward Obama

Sarcastically criticizing Hillary, the Times unleashes its inner Republican: "She raises eyebrows and arms in exaggerated indignation. Students who take jobs they do not particularly want after ...

Hillary's "Ruthlessness" Keeps Her Fighting Against St. Obama

To attack Hillary Clinton's "ruthlessness," the Times takes an unusual angle of painting the liberal-loathed Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr as a victim.

Hillary Clinton, "Den Mother of Her Factory Floor"

Jodi Kantor's "compliment" - Hillary reminds her of Roseanne Barr's sitcom character.

Are Hillary Voters Racist?

Adam Nagourney: "The composition of Mrs. Clinton's support - or, looked at another way, the makeup of voters who have proved reluctant to embrace Mr. Obama - has Democrats wondering, if not ...

Times All But Takes Back Hillary Endorsement

A plea to party bigwigs to push Hillary, a big winner in three big states, out of the race: "It is getting to be time for the superdelegates to do what the Democrats had in mind when they created ...

NYT Smothers McCain's Conservative Tax-Cut Plan with Dem Assaults

Michael Cooper, always on the bright side: "With the address, Mr. McCain labored to overcome the impression that he does not understand the economy well, and the idea being pushed by his ...

Blumenthal Claims Inside Knowledge that McCain Flirted with Leaving GOP

Clinton campaign adviser points to presumptive GOP nominee's positions on torture, taxes, global warming, tobacco and health care as evidence.
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