Elitist Networks Pile On Against Arizona Immigration Law

Study: By 12 to 1, ABC, CBS, and NBC Stories Ripped State's Move to Restrain Illegal Aliens

Networks Fail to Distinguish Between Xenophobia and Law Enforcement

Reporters label Arizona law 'anti-immigration' twice as often as 'anti-illegal immigration.'

CBS Frets Illegal Aliens 'No Longer Feel Welcome' - and the Problem Is?

Katie Couric noted "hundreds of thousands" of illegal immigrants "live in Arizona," but fretted "many" of those illegals "no longer feel welcome." Instead of seeing that as good news which will ...

Yawn: Frank Rich's Predictable 'Show Me Your Papers' Take on Arizona's Immigration Law

Is Frank Rich losing his edge? His by-the-numbers column on Arizona's tough new anti-immigration law is actually (slightly) less virulent than columns by Times colleagues and former reporters ...

Emerging Anti-Tea Party Line: Lack of Opposition to Arizona Proves Racism and Hypocrisy

Comments on two Sunday shows reflected an emerging new liberal line of reasoning, which uses the lack of opposition to Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, as a means to discredit ...

Nets Celebrate May Day Pro-Illegal Immigrant Protests, Barely Mention Shot Deputy

"Angry backlash from coast to coast," ABC's David Muir teased Saturday's World News, "huge rallies across this country tonight against that new controversial immigration law." On CBS, Jeff Glor ...

NBC Promotes May Day Anti-Arizona Protests While CBS Finally Notices Crime that Fueled New Law

On Friday night, NBC promoted leftist May Day protests against Arizona's new immigration enforcement law while CBS, after a full week of coverage focused on outrage against it, finally bothered to ...

Behar Compares Arizona Immigration Law to 'Gay Bashing' and 'Fascism'

'Joy Behar Show' includes only opponents of state immigration law.

CBS Trumpets Opposition to 'Notorious' Arizona Law from One Cop and Linda Ronstadt, Already Finds 'Chilling Effect'

Katie Couric teased Thursday's CBS Evening News by trumpeting a lawsuit against it from a lone police officer: "The latest response to Arizona's new immigration law? Sue the state. We'll tell you ...
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