On Networks, 'Controversial' Law Means Conservative Law

ABC, CBS, NBC label conservative laws controversial 30 times more than liberal laws; Arizona immigration policy most-criticized in five years

Media Ignore Arizona Critic's Previous Violent Video

Chuck D calls immigration law 'racist,' Gov. Brewer 'a Hitler,' but his previous song about state showed images of assassination.

ABC and NBC Describe Arizona Law as 'Anti-Immigration' and 'Harsh'

Network anchors can't resist misconstruing Arizona's upcoming immigration enforcement law. The latest instances came Friday night when Diane Sawyer erroneously described the anti-illegal ...

Timothy Egan Calls Tea Party a 'Constitutional Wrecking Crew'

That's before the former reporter lights into the Republican Party and then the majority of Americans who support the new Arizona immigration law: "Poll-testing the Bill of Rights in a troubled ...

CNN's Obama Interview: LeBron, McCartney In; Sestak, Economy Out

CNN's Larry King completely left out the major topic of the White House's continuing obfuscation on the Sestak and Romanoff controversies and barely mentioned the economy during his interview of ...

ABC's Hubbard Highlights Supporters of New Arizona Immigration Law

On Sunday's Good Morning America, ABC correspondent Jeremy Hubbard gave an unusual amount of time to those who support the Arizona law as he highlighted protesters rallying to oppose the boycott ...

ABC and NBC Champion Illegal Alien Cause: 'Will an Army of Protesters Be Heard?'

Another pro-illegal alien protest and, once again, the networks champion the cause. "Day of outrage, anger on the streets of Phoenix and across this country tonight," ABC anchor David Muir ...

Who's Side is He On?

Liberals say the darndest things.
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