Notable Quotables - 01/30/1995

Notable Quotables - 01/16/1995

MediaWatch: January 1995

Revolving Door Spins More for Clinton Administration that Bush's; NewsBites: Scrooged; Magazine's Unrelenting Attacks; CBS Star Far Nicer to Bill Clinton's Mother in 1993 Interview; Double, ...

Notable Quotables - 01/17/1994

MediaWatch: January 1994

Conscientious Objectors to Trooper Allegations Jumped on Tower, Thomas, Nancy Reagan; NewsBites: Bryant Confesses; Revolving Door: Talbott Promoted at State; Friend of Bill Takes Over at ABC; ...

Notable Quotables - 01/18/1993

Notable Quotables - 01/04/1993

MediaWatch: January 1993

No Liberal Labels for Redistributionists; NewsBites: Holiday Homeless Hype; Revolving Door: Schram's Spin; Networks Predictably Erupt Over Iran-Contra Pardons; 20/20 Host Slashes at GOP; Cummins ...

Notable Quotables - 01/20/1992

Media Research Center

MediaWatch: January 1992

ABC's Liberal of the Week; NewsBites: Great Gorebasm; Revolving Door: On the Democratic Trail; Welfare Wailing, Factual Failing; PBS Shows Match Democratic Agenda; Mayoral Payola; CBS Errs on ...
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