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CBS's Seth Doane Puffs Caroline Kennedy's 'Fairy Tale' Introduction to Ambassadorship

According to CBS News, even the "fairy tale" introduction of Caroline Kennedy hasn't kept the Japanese ambassador from running into some problems in her new job. Correspondent Seth Doane ...
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Joe Biden's Gaffes Go International, But All Three Networks Skip

Vice President Joe Biden unleashed another gaffe on Tuesday while talking to female employees at an internet company in Japan. According to the Examiner, Biden was "scheduled to address the ...
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NBC's Mitchell Swoons: Caroline Kennedy 'Born to Be an Ambassador'

On Thursday's NBC Today, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell couldn't contain her glee over Carolina Kennedy being appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan: "Caroline Kennedy was ...
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Salon.com Celebrates Androgynous Japanese Ad

Cheers ‘changing way gender is portrayed in advertising.’

NPR Uses 'The China Syndrome,' 'On the Beach' to Hype Radiation Threat

On Monday's All Things Considered, NPR's Bob Mondello used movies about fictional nuclear disasters, such as "The China Syndrome" and "Silkwood," to play up atomic energy's hazards. Mondello ...

No Nukes: How Three Mile Island was Disaster for Media Credibility

More than 30 years later, nuclear accident shows how media hype can make a bad situation far worse.

MSNBC's Martin Bashir Gives Soapbox to Anti-Nuclear Activist

On his eponymous program on Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir allowed a spokesman for Friends of the Earth, a left-wing environmental group, to declare nuclear facilities in California dangerous ...

ABC Touts Anti-Nuke Activist, Ex-Aide to a Lefty Organization as Experts on Crisis in Japan

Good Morning America on Monday featured two liberal experts to explain the escalating crisis in Japan, but didn't identify the leftist background of either. Co-host George Stephanopoulos ...

Chris Matthews Sees Japan Earthquake an 'Opportunity' for Obama to Remind People He Was Born in Hawaii

Hundreds if not thousands of people are dead due to a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But at least it gave Barack Obama an avenue to remind everyone he was born in Hawaii. That's the ...

CNBC's Santelli Warns U.S. 'Could End Up Worse than Japan' and 'Lost Decade'

Network CME Group floor reporter explains Keynesian tactics could lead to potential Greek austerity situation, but U.S. position with a reserve currency complicates problems.
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