Whaling Away on Japan's 'Far Right' on the Front Page

Hiroko Tabuchi's article on "far right" threats against anti-whaling expose "The Cove" is fat with unflattering labels generally absent from the paper's coverage of truly violent far-left ...

Rape Games?

Japanese video-game manufacturers have made sick video games centered on raping girls and women. Rape is not an option on the menu; rape is the entire point of the game.

'Heroes' of Discovery Channel Show Use Lasers on Japanese Whalers

Ecorazzi confirms Sea Shepherd crew using photonic disruptors.

Outcry Over Obama's Deep Bow Just 'Ballyhoo From Right-Wing Bloggers'

Helene Cooper has the Times mantra down pat, repeating the same charge she wrote about on Monday: Conservative bloggers made a controversy out of Obama's long, deep bow to the emperor of Japan a ...

Times 'Bows' to Obama Officials Who Say President Observed Protocol in Japan

Besides dismissing concerns over Obama's deep bow in Japan as attacks from "conservative American bloggers," reporters Helene Cooper and David Barboza see Obama making "progress" in getting Russia ...

ABC Omits Critics of Obama's 'Jarring and Inappropriate' Bow; Sawyer Says Protocol 'Too Confusing'

ABC's Good Morning America finally picked up on the deep bow President Obama performed for the Emperor of Japan over the weekend. Co-host Diane Sawyer ran through how other U.S. Presidents have ...

Obama Stimulus: $1 Trillion, 600,000 Government Jobs and Few Media Questions

With a forecasted $1 trillion deficit for the foreseeable future, mainstream media hit and miss on just how much government will expand under current proposals.

CNN Cries for Japanese Recession 'Orphans'

'Newsroom' segment worries about daughter of stay-at-home mom, dad who works 12-14 hour days.

NBC Promotes Green Agenda in G-8 Summit Report

'Nightly News' blasts U.S. government for inaction on climate change and promotes expensive Japanese efforts.

Japan's Welfare System Starving People to Death

"In a way that the words of no living person could, the diary [of a man who starved] has shown the human costs of the economic transformation in Japan." But the man never asked relatives or ...
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