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New York Times: GOP Ditching 'Partisan Obstreperousness,' 'Tossing Their Teacups' in Favor of Moderation

Jennifer Steinhauer and Jonathan Weisman: "Partisan obstreperousness, the force that propelled Congressional Republicans to widespread victory in 2010, is suddenly for many of them as out of ...
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New York Times Conflates Akin's 'Rape' Comments With GOP's Pro-Life Stance

The New York Times is extending the controversy over offensive comments made by U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin to indict the entire Republican Party, misleadingly conflating Akin's ...
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'Conservative' Overload on Sunday's Front Page: 'Staunchly...Deep-Seated' Conservatism in Suddenly Significant Tea Party

The Tea Party, previously marginalized by the New York Times as losing effectiveness, made Sunday's front page for endangering moderate deal-makers in the GOP with its "conservative fervor" and ...
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Steinhauer Plays "Gotcha" With "Conservative Orthodoxy" of Club for Growth Activists

Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer: "But many Republicans say the Club for Growth is holding members to impossible legislative standards in a city where their party remains a minority, and that it ...
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Obama's Contraception Plan Just a Cynical Wedge Issue Used by GOP?

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer portrayed the religious freedom fight over birth control in cynical political terms, showcasing Republicans as being opportunistic in opposition to Obama's requirement ...
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