Times Watch Quotes of Note - Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez a 'Good-Hearted Man of the People'

Plus: Democrats and double standards: Robert Byrd vs. Jesse Helms, plus the brilliant, funny, warm, and witty Elena Kagan.

Fox's Wallace Highlights NYT's Kennedy vs. Helms Obit Contrast

Fox News picks up on the double standard between remembrances of Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Jesse Helms.

Fox's Wallace Highlights NYT's Kennedy v Helms Obit Contrast

On the August 30 Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace seemed to pick up on Clay Waters' NewsBusters item, earlier posted at TimesWatch, pointing out the blatant double standard between the New York ...

Ted Kennedy Obit Avoids the Jesse Helms Treatment

Liberal Sen. Ted Kennedy was "one of the most effective lawmakers in the history of the Senate," while conservative Sen. Jesse Helms's "mossy drawl barely masked a hard-edged conservatism that ...

Media Obituaries Expose Political Bias

Why did the media treat Tony Snow so much more respectfully than Jesse Helms and Jerry Falwell?

Jesse Helms and Mangled Manners

Leftwingers in the news media and the blogosphere embarrassed themselves with meanspirited slurs directed at the fallen American patriot.

Cover-to-Cover Bias in the Sunday Book Review

This week's "politics" issue of the book review follows a pattern: Liberal reviewers praising liberal books and dismissing conservative ones.
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