CBS: Stewart/Colbert Rally 'Touched Anti-Anger Nerve,' Called for 'Less Name-Calling'

On Saturday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Wyatt Andrews previewed the Washington DC 'Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear,' organized by comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: "Almost all of ...

The Times Is Charmed by Stewart's Schtick on the Mall, Skips Inconvenient Facts

The Times flatters the cute and clever signs from the "overwhelming" crowd and live blogged the event, which it failed to do for Glenn Beck's recent rally or the huge Tea Party rally of September ...

Only ABC Stresses that Jon Stewart Is Part of Barack Obama's Unhappy Liberal Base

All three morning shows on Thursday covered Barack Obama's appearance on The Daily Show Wednesday night, but only Good Morning America's Jake Tapper stressed that comedian Jon Stewart's complaints ...

Jon Stewart on CNN: Fox News 'Wrong,' a 'Political Organization'

On Wednesday's Larry King Live on CNN, liberal comedian Jon Stewart bashed Fox News, labeling their "fair and balanced" slogan a "complete lie." Stewart also stated that he thought the network was ...

Amanpour: Tea Party an 'Extreme' Departure from Reagan's Conservatism; Campaign Spending Bad for Democracy

ABC's Christiane Amanpour on Sunday discovered "a long and venerable tradition of conservatism in this country" exemplified by Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley, but she only showed that ...

Media Expand Left-Wing Attack on Chamber of Commerce over 'Foreign' Contributions

MSNBC, other news outlets accept unproven claims of progressive blog against U.S. business group as election nears.

HuffPo AstroTurf? Arianna Offers Busing From NYC to DC for Stewart-Colbert Rally

Huffington Post editor and creator announces transportation for Comedy Central hosts' Oct. 30 'Rally to Restore Sanity.'

Jon Stewart Hoodwinked by Liberal Myth: 'You Can't Be Pro-Tax Cut and Anti-Deficit'

Comedy Central host mocks Republicans for being against allowing Bush tax cuts to expire and anti-deficit at the same time.

'Crackpot' Republicans Behind 'Lunatic Magnet' Arizona's 'Crackpot' Immigration Law

Former New York Times reporter Timothy Egan is not a fan of the new illegal immigration crackdown in Arizona: "The crackpot laws owe their genesis to the crackpots who dominate Republican ...

NYT Hails Jon Stewart, 'Television's Pre-eminent Fact-checker of Fox News'

The Times goes after an old enemy indirectly, in a flattering profile of "The Daily Show" and its relentless "fact-checking" of Fox News.
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