The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2006

Compiled by the Business & Media Institute

'Bad News Bears'

How Networks Distort a Good Economy and Batter President Bush

Media Myth: Taxation with Misrepresentation

Networks call administration actions taxpayer-funded while liberal priorities often treated as government-funded

Hit Job: Executive Summary

Networks Emphasize Layoffs In A Year of 2 Million New Jobs

Crazy 8s

Live 8, G-8 coverage cheerleads sending billions of U.S. dollars to Africa


Big Medias Role In Covering And Promoting the Obesity Debate

MediaWatch: July 27, 1998

Clinton Scandals? News You Can Lose; NewsBites; Mrs. Clinton, You're Our Best Landmark!; Public Realizes Liberal Bias; Revolving Door

MediaWatch: July 13, 1998

TV Still Spiking Fundraising, Missile Scoops; NewsBites: Al Gore's Airball; Why Did CNN, Time Push Gaseous Lies?; The Subtle Seduction of a Feminist Time Reporter; ABC's Firearms Fearmongering

MediaWatch: July 1997

Gun Rights Forces Outgunned on TV; NewsBites: Camel Canard; Revolving Door: Sidney's Clinton-Loving Slant; Hearings? What Hearings?; They All Do It; Nolanda's Non-Story, Religion and ...

MediaWatch: July 1996

Medicare: The Story with 1,060 Errors; NewsBites: Humorless Howard; Revolving Door: Chancellor's Last Spin; Slow Out of the Gate on Filegate; Families First Favored; Coia and the Mafia; Double ...
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