Notable Quotables - 07/03/1995

MediaWatch: July 1995

Today Co-Host Uses NBC Morning Show as Personal Political Soap Box; NewsBites: Retiring the L Word; Revolving Door: Influencing the World; The "Slash and Burn" Supremes; Changing Standards for ...

MediaWatch: July 1994

Christian Coalition Regularly Places on the Right, NAACP Almost Never on the Left; NewsBites: Dumping on D'Amato; Revolving Door: Price to Urban League; Reporters Portray Religious Right as ...

Notable Quotables - 07/19/1993

MediaWatch: July 1993

The Most Common Politically Motivated Statistical Exaggerations; NewsBites: Conservative Corporations?; Revolving Door: City Hall Calling; Reporters Insist Budget is Half Tax Hikes, Half Cuts; ...

Notable Quotables - 07/06/1992

Media Research Center

MediaWatch: July 1992

Media Money Funds Democrats; NewsBites: The Wrong Rights; Revolving Door: Special Report: Democrats Covering Democrats; Networks Decry Difficulties for Teens Seeking Abortions; Style Triumphs Over ...

Notable Quotables - 07/22/1991

Notable Quotables - 07/08/1991

Media Research Center

MediaWatch: July 1991

Double Standard For Sununu; NewsBites: Touting Tito; Revolving Door: Democratic Convention Control; Marshall Loss, Thomas Gain Seen as Twin Threats; Liberals Admit Media Errors; Janet Cooke Award: ...
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