No Liberals in Congress? So Suggests Steinhauer

Political reporter Jennifer Steinhauer continues to slant her ideological labeling, finding loads of conservatives in Congress but rarely identifying liberals.

'Unsettling' For Conservatives To Suggest Actually Paying for Disaster Relief

In reporter Carl Hulse's view, "independent" (i.e. socialist) Sen. Bernie Sanders and White House spokesman Jay Carney are advancing sensible views on disaster relief to counteract "unsettling" ...

Moderate Montana Democrat Battling a 'Blood-Fest of Extremes,' Like the Tea Party

Kirk Johnson sees hope for "centrists" like Democratic Sen. Jon Tester in Montana: "But other factors, engrained into Montana's political history and geography, could also push the contest more ...

11-0: Still No Liberals in the Debt Ceiling Debate

The last two Times lead stories on the debt ceiling debate have featured 11 "conservative" labels and zero "liberal" ones.

No Liberals in the Debt Ceiling Debate?

Jackie Calmes and Carl Hulse find lots of "conservatives" but zero liberals in their lead story Tuesday.

NYT Sees More Danger After 'Christian Extremist' Attack in Norway; Found 'Understanding' for Muslim Bombers of London in 2005

While the Times showed no reluctance to identify the lone gunman in the Norway attacks as a "Christian extremist" in a front-page headline and hinted at more danger from "right-wing extremists" in ...

Stelter Paints Far-Left Fox-Bashers as Harmless 'Public Interest' 'Media Reform Group'

Reporter Brian Stelter doesn't tip his readers off on the far-left background of the Murdoch attackers at Free Press, or its funding by George Soros: "But media reform groups like Free Press, ...

David Leonhardt (Once Again) on Obama the 'Fiscal Conservative'

Here we go again; David Leonhardt praises Obama the "fiscal conservative." "He takes on the moderate role of fiscal conservative, looking to cut spending and increase taxes on the affluent."

Former Reporter Egan Compares Violent Seattle 'Anarchists' to Budget-Cutting GOP

Former reporter Timothy Egan sleazily likens Republican "anarchists" in Congress to the violent leftist mob who rampaged through Seattle in 1999: "The loafers may want to retreat to their wine ...

Obama 'Repositioning' as a 'Pragmatic Centrist'...But the NYT Has Claimed for Years That He Already Is

But the New York Times has spent three years telling us he already was a centrist! Jackie Calmes claims that President Obama "put on full display his effort to position himself as a pragmatic ...
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