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Ed Schultz to Sandra Fluke: Rush Limbaugh 'Did You a Favor'

On Thursday's Ed Show, MSNBC's Ed Schultz gleefully reminded guest Sandra Fluke of when Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut," but completely ignored his own suspension from MSNBC for saying the ...
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Ingraham and Hume Scold NYT’s Zeleny and Media for Not Pursuing Obama Administration’s Dissembling on Libya

With New York Times political reporter Jeff Zeleny sitting next to her on the Fox News Sunday set, radio host Laura Ingraham demanded: “I would hope that the New York Times, as they camped ...
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Laura Ingraham Rips NBC's Lauer and Media for Wanting to 'Avoid' Obama's Record

As Matt Lauer went after Mitt Romney over comments about the auto bailout on Wednesday's NBC Today, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham took the morning show host and his colleagues to ...
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