Meet the Editor: Leftist, Elitist, Communist, Socialist Bill Keller

A reader responds to Bill Keller trashing Sarah Palin: "Had your fellow media colleagues given Barack Obama the same treatment as you have given Mrs. Palin, no one would care for him either." ...

The "Ellie Light" Scandal

A person named "Ellie Light" successfully placed a pro-Obama letter in at least 68 newspapers using fake local addresses. These papers were caught with their ethical pants down.

Send Your W-2's in Care of Brown University.

A Times' letter-writer's love affair with her 1040 form: "[Columnist Ben Stein] says he doesn't care for paying taxes, but I like it."

Krugman on "Journalists Who Hate the Clintons"

Paul Krugman fires back on Hillary-hating Obama-supporters: "As I've said, you've been played like a fiddle by journalists who hate the Clintons, and just make stuff up about how evil they are."
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