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CBS and NBC Skip Obama Saluting Marines With Coffee Cup in Hand

When President Barack Obama stepped off of Marine One in New York City on Tuesday for a series of meetings at the United Nations, he chose to salute the two U.S. Marines saluting him at the bottom ...
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Sen. Reid Blames Marines Deaths on Sequester, New York Times Stays Silent

The New York Times reported on the tragic death of seven Marines on a training exercise in Nevada. But reporters Eric Schmitt and Timothy Williams selectively quoted Democratic Majority leader ...
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All Three Networks Ignore Harry Reid Connecting Marine Deaths to Sequester Cuts

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday linked the accidental deaths of seven U.S. Marines to sequester spending cuts. All three networks have, thus far, skipped the story. After highlighting ...

NY Times' Dao Sees Marines Leaving War With Hope, But Edited Out a Marine's Hope in 2005

New York Times military reporter James Dao filed from Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan on the Marine Corps leaving the country, "As Marines Exit Afghan Province, a Feeling That a Campaign Was Worth ...
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Predictable: Katy Perry’s Patriotic Video Draws Lefty Ire

‘Feminist’ author states singer’s Marines video is propaganda.
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Katy Perry Goes Pro-Military in New Music Video

Singer’s video ‘Part of Me’ plugs American Marines and soldiers.

At Official End of Iraq War, Times Performs Front-Page Psychoanalysis of Haditha 'Massacre'

Newly discovered documents let the Times revisit, and psychoanalyze, what it has long touted as a massacre of innocent civilians: "Haditha became a defining moment of the war, helping cement an ...

Tom Friedman Defends 'Complex' Hezbollah Terror Leader Fadlallah, the Alan Alda of the Middle East

Friedman glosses over Hezbollah founder Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah's support for suicide bombers and ignores evidence of Fadlallah's blessing of the bombing of a Marine barracks in Lebanon that ...

Stout Plays Up John Murtha's Anti-War Turn in Obit, But Omits Smear of Marines as Killers

David Stout's obituary for old-line Democratic Rep. John Murtha omitted the congressman's smear of Marines in Iraq, who he accused of killing Iraqi civilians "in cold blood."

Times Virtually Ignores Haditha Acquittal

The Times was all over the Haditha "massacre." Yet now that the prosecution has suffered yet another failure, you can hardly locate the story with a microscope.
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