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New York Times Finds Race, Gender Bias in Mitt's Music: 'On Romney Song List, Guys Win, 18 to 1'

New York Times music critic Jon Pareles sniffs out discrimination on Mitt Romney's music "playlist": "There are just two songs by African-Americans, both plush ballads of fidelity...The lone song ...
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More Pro-Gay Pop-Aganda: Actress sings song 'I Wish I Was Gay'

Music's latest gay-themed anthem part of a growing trend.

CBS Touts Wall Street Protesters' Music as 'Tool for Social Justice'

On Tuesday's Early Show, CBS's Bigad Shaban, seemingly grasping for straws for any reason to report on "Occupy Wall Street," played up the music performances from protesters down in lower ...

Hollywood's Shocking Truth

Celebrities Boost Their Fame through Shock Factor

CMI Commentary: Viacom's Endless Violations

MTV Movie Awards stoop to new low

Rebecca Black... On Second Thought

"Friday" may be just the gift parents and conservatives didnt realize they had received.

Charlie Daniels, Unsung Singing Hero

In recent years I've come to know Charlie Daniels personally, enough so that I can say with confidence that this man just isn't looking for tributes. But for all that Charlie has done for this ...

See How Low We Must Go

To get attention quickly, some pop stars will try absolutely anything. The soul singer Cee-Lo Green has a new album coming out. How's this for art: His first desperate single is titled "F-- You."

Sleazy Songs of Summer

Ever wonder what those teenagers are listening to while wearing those i-Pod earphones? Maybe you'd rather not know. You will be horrified.

Music Producer Slams 'Soft Pornography' of Pop

English music mogul echoes parents' concerns about exposing kids to sexualized entertainment.
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