Speak No Evil: Networks Obscure Deadly Extremism of Muslim Brotherhood

Contradictory reports hide substance of powerful Egyptian Islamist group.

AP Pushes Pro-Islam Entertainment Propaganda

Article applauds attempt to get away from nonexistent 'Muslim-as-terrorist plot line.'

Times Reporters Let Their Liberal Instincts Loose on Podcast

Jeff Zeleny on why people think Obama is a Muslim: "Rush Limbaugh talks about it all the time." No, he doesn't. And financial writer Floyd Norris reminisces: "One thing that struck me about this ...

High School Textbooks Whitewash Islam, Criticize Christianity in Texas

Resolution claims books 'sanitize' definition of jihad, ignore history of Muslim violence.

ABC's Stephanopoulos Highlights Obama Blaming Media for Muslim Myth

On Monday's Good Morning America, ABC's George Stephanopoulos played up how President Obama "blamed many in the media for perpetuating...myths" such as he was born outside the United States, isn't ...

WaPo Frets 'Hostility' Could Radicalize Young Muslims

One-sided article worries how college students react to over-blown backlash.

Former Reporter Timothy Egan Takes On Rush, Fox, McCain, etc....

In a scattershot column attacking all manner of Republican, former reporter Timothy Egan blames an old enemy, Rush Limbaugh, for the popularity of the rumor that Obama is a Muslim: "In the ...

NY Times Frank Rich: Fox News Trying to Portray Obama as a 'Closet Terrorist'

Columnist claims concerted effort at work to depict President as 'a practitioner of Islam' to score political points.

The Real Moderate Islam: Media Ignore Muslim Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque

Mosque critics Miss USA, Zhudi Jasser and Al-Arabiya director disregarded by networks.
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