CNN's Velshi: Ban Catholic Churches from Oklahoma City Because of McVeigh?

CNN's Ali Velshi engaged in moral relativism on Wednesday's Newsroom as he editorialized on the controversial planned mosque near Ground Zero. Velshi worried about the precedent that might be set ...

NY Times Hired Former Pro-Muslim Lobbyist to Report on Ground Zero Mosque, Underwear Bomber

Associated Press, ABC News also employed former CAIR workers as journalists

CNN's Cafferty Slams Pentagon's Omission of Islam in Ft. Hood Report

CNN's Jack Cafferty blasted the Defense Department's report on the Fort Hood massacre as a "joke" on Thursday's Situation Room, singling out how there was "no mention in the report of the ...

PC News: Networks Downplay Terrorism, Muslim Connection in Ft. Hood Attack

All three networks mention 'terror' only after Obama hints at ideology during funeral ceremony.

CBS Lauds 'Professor' Obama's 'Powerful,' 'Historic' Middle East Speech

CBS's Early Show crew fawned over President Obama's Thursday morning speech in Cairo, calling it "historic," powerful," "far-ranging," "presidential" and "professorial." Co-host Harry Smith ...

Al Sharpton, "Civil Rights Leader"

Plus "Muslim-Bashers in the Blogosphere"
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