ABC Yawns: Not Interested in Whether Waterboarding Helped Kill bin Laden

ABC's World News on Tuesday continued to demonstrate the network's lack of interest in whether enhanced interrogation methods such as waterboarding played a part in the killing of Osama bin laden. ...

NBC's Richard Engel Rants: Iraq War a 'Distraction' from Getting Bin Laden

On NBC's Nightly News on Monday, chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel used a report on the history of the war on terror to attack the Bush administration for going to war in Iraq: "...when ...

NBC's Gregory Frets Over 'Purist' Tea Party, Urges Sen. Rubio to 'Compromise'

In an interview with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, host David Gregory worried: "There's a purist streak to the Tea Party, right? Don't compromise....As ...

NBC Uses Left-Wing Hollywood Fantasy to Cheerlead for Obama

In a report designed to separate fact from fiction on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie decided to blur fantasy and reality as she compared President Obama's ...

NPR Falsely Claims Vieira 'Passively' Dealt With Trump's Birtherism

On Wednesday's All Things Considered, NPR's David Folkenflik erroneously claimed that NBC's Meredith Vieira "notably failed to contradict Donald Trump or others casting doubt on where Mr. Obama ...

Royal Disaster: Networks Obsess Over Wedding, Barely Mention Mexico Drug Violence

Fawning coverage of British nuptials outpaces reporting of Mexican drug war victims.

Networks Treated Good Friday, Earth Day as Equals

ABC, CBS and NBC split coverage of eco-celebration and Christian holy day.

New York Mag Gushes: 'Isn't It Time We Took the Comedy of Brian Williams Seriously?'

According to New York magazine, Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is a "versatile" humorist who now has a "second career" making people laugh. In a gushing, 3600 word piece, writer John Swansburg ...

Gas Prices Top $1-a-Gallon Higher than Year Ago; Media Don't Blame Obama

Networks have refused to connect administration to steadily rising gas prices.
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