Whoopi Goldberg: Communism Is 'a Great Concept' That 'Makes Perfect Sense' on Paper

According to The View's Whoopi Goldberg, communism is a "great concept" that "makes perfect sense" on paper. The comedienne and co-host made the rather astounding comment on Tuesday while ...

Double Standard: 'Enigmatic' North Korean 'Rulers,' but Right-Wing 'Dictators' Use 'Terror'

Can we declare a moratorium? December 17, 2011 web headline: "Kim Jong-il, North Korea's Enigmatic Strongman. A July 10, 1994 headline: "Kim Il Sung, Enigmatic 'Great Leader' of North Korea for 5 ...

Flashback: Ted Turner Dismissed Threat of Brutal Kim Jong Il: 'Didn't Look' Evil

Will the death of despotic dictator Kim Jong Il lead to less pandering and naive reporting on North Korea? Not if the past is any indicator. On September 19, 2005, CNN founder Ted Turner appeared ...

Time Life Photographer: Kim Jong Il's Cult Like Bush's 'Very Controlled' White House

A newly posted Time Life magazine photo montage showcased pictures of North Korea and touted photographer Christopher Morris comparing brutal dictator Kim Jong Il to the "very controlled ...

Bob Woodruff's Hard-Hitting Expose of North Korea: New Dictator Likes Michael Jordan

Granted exclusive access to North Korea, Good Morning America's Bob Woodruff informed viewers that the incoming leader, Kim Jong Un, is "said to be a fan of basketball star Michael Jordan."

Let's Pick Another Metaphor, Shall We?

"[Bruce Cumings] mows down a host of myths about the war in his short new book, which is a distillation of his own scholarship and that of many other historians. But he begins by mowing down David ...
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Better Off Red?

Twenty Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Recalling the Liberal Media's Blindness to the Evils of Communism

The Incredible Disappearing Nobel Prize-Winner

North Korea imprisons his employees, but Al Gore doesn't seem inconvenienced.

"Conservative Hard-Liners" vs. North Korea

Helene Cooper slants her story on liberal State Department diplomacy's triumph in North Korea over Dick Cheney's "hard-line" approach.
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