Justice and Decency

The Obama administration can't be expected to notice that polls show that most Americans think they're too much sex, profanity, and violence on TV - and a majority support FCC fines to curb it.

'Glee' and 'Gentlemen'

A sleazy photo shoot for GQ magazine backfired on Fox's "Glee," with even Katie Couric voting thumbs-down. But Lawrence O'Donnell said I started a "cult."

Resistance Is Futile?

A Hollywood columnist connects the Tea Party movement with activists opposing Hollywood vulgarity - and suggests both groups are making "increasingly futile attempts" to stop the future from ...

Words for Potent Jerks

Bloggers and Internet gossips complained when the New York Times lowered itself to question a nasty new word emerging in prime-time television: "douche."

Television Violence, Real-Life Consequences

New PTC study finds increased depictions of violence against on women on primetime programs.

Cable's Not Kid-Friendly

Raunchy 'entertainment' is only a click away.

A Commercial for Adultery?

A dating service for married people claims it's not enabling cheaters. Their slogan, Life's short, have an affair, says otherwise.

TV's Contempt for Marriage

The problem for Hollywood is that marital sex just isn't naughty enough for envelope pushers.

Forget Marriage: Adultery and Promiscuity Rule the Airwaves

New study shows broadcast television promotes sex in every relationship except marriage.

The Ancient Problem of TV Violence

Concerns about violence on television date back to 1954. But who would have predicted television could be as noxious as it is today?
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