Social Security: Government 'Ponzi' Scheme Turns 75 with $41 Billion Shortfall

Social Security with its 'trust fund' of IOUs is in serious fiscal trouble, but you wouldn't guess it from the mainstream news media.

Was Bush Right All Along About Social Security Reform?

Reporter Mary Williams Walsh doesn't say that, but does report that the United States is now paying out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes, an important threshold it was not ...

Cato Scholar: Private Accounts the Only Answer on Social Security, Pensions

Man who dismantled Chile's crushing entitlement system tells FBN 'personal responsibility' the long-term solution.

Hulse Accuses Rep. Wilson of "Disrespect" for President, Ignores Own 2005 Reporting on Dems Heckling Bush

Carl Hulse ignores his own reporting to claim Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst was "a rare breach of the protocol" of presidential addresses to Congress. Yet a Hulse story from Bush's 2005 State of the ...

ABC Highlights Government Waste; Targets Lavish Social Security Retreats

ABC's Brian Ross on Wednesday investigated a subject that has been skipped by CBS and NBC's morning shows, the more than $1 million spent by the Social Security Administration for its employees to ...

Dear NY Times: Speaking of Ponzi Schemes

Social Security is 'identical' to Madoff's 'scheme,' so Americans should stop being duped.

Madoff Gives Us Lots to Think About This Christmas

$50 billion in losses a reminder of ultimate Ponzi scheme Social Security.

Cramer: Social Security a Bigger Ponzi Scheme than Madoff's

CNBC's 'Mad Money' host says federal entitlement program operates in the same manner as Madoff's scam.

CNN: Despite Economic Hype, It's Not the End of the World

Business correspondent notes decrease in gas prices, hike in Social Security benefits; advises people to live within their means.

Times Makes Obama's Hawaiian Vacation a True Day at the Beach

Even while the candidate's on vacation, the Obama camp gets more and better coverage than does John McCain.
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