'Free Housing' an Aspect of Soviet Union's 'Appealing' Past

The advantages of Soviet Communism: "Dobrokhotov said that many aspects of the past - a stronger education system, free housing - now seemed appealing to young Russians."

Art Critic Celebrates Nostalgia for Soviet Union Over Headline 'When Repression Was a Muse'

Art critic Holland Cotter found Soviet-style tyranny in the free market: "Free-market capitalism brought its suppressions and exclusions, as artists discovered. Among other things, some felt, it ...

ABC's Sawyer Notes Birthday Display of Reagan's 'Evil Empire' Speech in National Archives

Uniquely among the broadcast network evening newscasts, ABC's World News on Wednesday informed viewers of display items for the National Archives planned for next month's commemoration of ...

Newsweek Seriously Asks: 'Was Russia Better Off Red?'

The October 12 issue of Newsweek asked: "Was Russia Better Off Red?" The "Back Story" page of the magazine featured a graphic comparing life under communism to now: "Since the collapse of the ...

Stalinist Paul Robeson Again Hailed As a "Giant of the Civil Rights Movement"

Columnist Peter Applebome devotes a single sentence to actor-singer Paul Robeson's Stalinism, then ludicrously calls Robeson an "uncompromising human rights advocate."

Solzhenitsyn: A Prophet Honored in His Own Country, but Not in the U.S. Media

The great writer's commencement address at Harvard in 1978 was a powerful indictment of elitist liberalism.

Thomas Friedman: Soviet Union Died Due to Low Oil Prices, Not Ronald Reagan

Columnist Friedman says it was low oil prices that killed the Soviet Union, "not because of anything Ronald Reagan did."

A "Widening Witch Hunt" for Communist Informers in Poland

Extremely biased, and not even close to the truth - the Polish bishop, Stanislaw Wielgus, has already admitted to collaborating with the Communist secret police.
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