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No Fooling: Salon Hails Swedish Dictionary’s Inclusion of Gender-Neutral Pronoun ‘Hen’

Liberal media want to know why English can’t figure out pronouns, but just a few years ago Slate admitted Sweden’s move was ‘radical.’
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Opposition Barely Mentioned Night of Obama’s Global Warming Speech

President announces ‘sweeping’ plan that would punish power plants, but hardly a hint of criticism on networks.

Short 'n Sweet, My Tweet

Paying attention to the president and his enablers so you don't have to.

Times Approves of Obama's 'Punchy Tone' and 'Politically Moderate Proposals'

Mark Landler likes what he heard, even though the markets didn't: "Mixing politically moderate proposals with a punchy tone, President Obama challenged lawmakers on Thursday to 'pass this jobs ...

The Speech I Skipped

Even without listening it was clear the president would call for more spending, more government and more taxes.

Uncritical Condition

Network news fails to examine high cost and proven failures of government-run health care

HuffPo Writers Produce 'Big Gay Speech We Wish Obama Would Give'

President faces impatience and skepticism at Human Rights Campaign event.

A Tale of Two Uninsureds: President Changes Number from 46-47 Million to 'Over 30 Million'

Obama tells Congress in joint address there are 'are now more than 30 million American citizens' without insurance, but used 46 million, 47 million earlier.

Company on Decision to Pull Ads from Beck TV Show: 'We Do Not Want to be Associated with Hateful Speech'

Sargento vice president of Corporate Communications & Government Relations says pulling advertising not based on political affiliation, but speech.
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