Ad for Chris Matthews Special Derides Tea Party Protesters Who Are 'Threatened' by Black President

An ad for a new Chris Matthews special featured the MSNBC host complaining about tea party protesters who are "threatened" by an African American President. As pictures of protests appeared ...

Blow's Wishful Thinking on GOP: 'Turning Further Right Only Hastens Its Demise'

Charles Blow goes "Deliverance" on tea party protesters: "The attack on the Republican establishment by the tea party folks grabs the gaze like a really bad horror flick - some version of 'Hee ...

ABC's Positive Take on Tea Parties: "A Movement With Momentum"

On Thursday's World News, ABC correspondent Kate Snow filed a report that avoided portraying Tea Party activists as extremists, instead conveying the movement's growing appeal and the fact that ...

Chicago Trib's Page Claims 'Teabagger' Label 'Asked For'; Calls Fox News Arm of GOP

Columnist rips on tea party movement and cable news channel in 'McLaughlin Group 2009 Year-End Awards.'

Joy Behar: A Lot of Palin Support 'Doesn't Even Read'

CNN HLN host slams conservatives while looking back at 2009.

Maddow Invents New Terms to Degrade Conservatives: GOP-Baggers, Tea-Publicans

MSNBC host vents about Rep. Parker Griffith's move to the Republican Party in attack on the tea party movement.

CNBC's Santelli: Tea Party Popularity 'Dollar-Friendly'

Network's Mercantile reporter explains strength of 'Tea Party' movement makes congressional gridlock more likely, slowing government spending and propping up the dollar.

The Media's Top 10 Worst Economic Myths of 2009

From jobs 'saved or created,' to stimulus saving the economy, to 'deficit neutral' health care reform; here are ten biggest stories the media got wrong this year.

Influential Times Editor Calls Anti-Tax Protesters "Tea-Baggers"

Sam Tanenhaus, Times Week in Review and Book Review editor and author of "The Death of Conservatism," uses the left-wing vulgarism "tea-baggers" to describe anti-tax protesters: "Even today the ...

ABC's Bill Weir Frets Over 9/12 Rally Rage and 'Anger;' Worries About Lost 'Civility'

Over the weekend, ABC provided hyperbolic reporting on the 9/12 protest in Washington D.C. Good Morning America co-host Bill Weir opened the program on Saturday by fretting, "This morning, ...
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