WaPo Shocks No One; Endorses VA Dem the Paper Has Been Boosting for Months

In what could be described as the biggest non-surprise of the 2009 Virginia gubernatorial election, the Washington Post on Sunday endorsed Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate that its news ...

Nobel for Obama 'Ridiculous,' But Wash Post's Marcus Admits: 'I Voted for President Obama'

Long-time Washington Post reporter and editor Ruth Marcus, in a Saturday column, called Obama's Nobel "ridiculous." Then she offered up what gives her the credibility to make such a judgment: "I ...

Veteran Washington Post Reporter Says Media Should Embrace Its Liberal Slant

Veteran reporter Thomas Edsall is again sounding the alarm on the political imbalance of today's news media, though his proposed solution, illustrated by the headline to his Thursday post at ...

Dear Washington Post: Poor Grasp of Economics

Meyerson's complaint that there are two few manufacturing jobs is flawed.

Washington Post Says Health Care 'Rationing' Shouldn't be Dirty Word

Staff writer argues U.S. care delivered in 'haphazard, even illogical, way.'

CNN's Zakaria: Obama Foreign Policy a 'Bold Gambit,' Hopes It 'Pays Off'

CNN's Fareed Zakaria gave President Obama's diplomacy-first foreign policy a ringing endorsement on his program on Sunday, lauding it as a breath of fresh air: "Obama is betting that America has ...

Top Washington Post Editor Forced Off Twitter After Urging More Spending on Health Care

A few weeks ago Washington Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti rued in this tweet via his Twitter account: "We can incur all sorts of federal deficits for wars and what not. But we have to promise ...

WaPo Buries Decision by Ex-Dem Gov to Not Endorse Current Party Nominee

The Washington Post on Friday buried the announcement by Douglas Wilder, a popular Democratic ex-governor of Virginia, to not endorse his party's current nominee for that office, Creigh Deeds. The ...

Outbursts and Punishment

It's time networks were held responsible for the outrages for their stars.
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