Reporters Still Buying That Wright Mess Was Obama's Finest Hour

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz found it amazing Barack Obama was portrayed so well in background quotes provided by Obama's own aides to the authors of 'Game Change.' Kurtz credibly recounted ...

Dear Wash. Post: Haitian Tragedy Magnified by Lack of Economic Freedom

Greater economic freedom could have spared lives.

Conflict of Interest? Intel Gives $250 Million Obama Charity in Midst of FTC Suit

Media once eager to criticize Bush administration's ties to private companies give Obama a pass.

Ex-Washington Post Ombudsman, Who Recognized Liberal Bias, Killed in New Zealand

Deborah Howell, the Washington Post's ombudsman from late 2005 through the end of 2008, "suffered fatal injuries when struck by a vehicle" while vacationing in New Zealand. She recognized and ...

WaPo's Liberal Decade: 'We' Went from 'Hell' to 'Hope'

Style writer cheered the tantalizing evolution into the Obama era.

'Christmas Perils' Preoccupy Washington Post

Health & Science story warns about holiday weight gain, hazardous packaging and poisonous plants.

WaPo's Robin Givhan Delights in Michelle Obama's Fashions, Tells Carrie Prejean to 'Shut Your Trap'

First Lady appears six times on the Best of 2009 list.

Preferring Liberals In Both Parties

Any Republican with the "courage" of his liberal convictions is a "maverick" to be saluted. Any Democrat or independent who dares question Obama's socialist agenda is a traitor.

Humorist Presumes Liberal Bias in Unveiling 'Secrets Journalists Never Told You'

In "sharing my do's and don'ts" as a journalist, Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten found good fodder in the presumption journalists are out to help liberals and Democrats while ...
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