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Gregory Hails Booker for Delivering Pizza, Suggests Calamities Justify More Federal Spending

If only George W. Bush had ordered home delivery of some pizzas during Katrina. On Meet the Press, David Gregory relayed how Newark Mayor Cory Booker delivered a few pizzas to a shelter, then ...

Diane Sawyer on Tornadoes: 'This Is the Evidence of a Kind of Preview of Life Under Global Warming?'

ABC's Diane Sawyer on Monday night presumed everyone lives inside her media bubble obsessed with "global warming" as she set out to blame the Missouri tornadoes on it ' but not even the CEO of a ...

Brian Williams Wonders If Tornadoes Caused by 'Something We Have Done?'

Like clockwork, an unusual weather event occurs and some shallow journalists immediately leap to speculating about global warming ' even accusing humankind of causing the event. On Thursday night, ...

'Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down' - Will Your Home Survive Global Warming?

Reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal rushes in where scientific consensus fears to tread: "Global warming is most likely responsible, at least in part, for the rising frequency and severity of extreme ...

Santelli Slams CNBC Panelists for Spinning Jobs Report

CNBC's floor reporter criticizes 'kool-aid drinkers' for trying to find good news in the 'disappointing.'
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Worst Winter Ever or a Snow Job of Epic Proportions?

Media hype turns seasonal storms into a climate apocalypse.

CBS 'Early Show' Blames Winter Storms on Global Warming

Speaking to physicist Michio Kaku on Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge fretted over the recent series of severe winter storms and wondered: "...nine storms in seven weeks, why is ...

ABC's Harris: Climate Scientists 'Embattled' by 'Controversial' Skeptics 'Despite Compelling Evidence' of Global Warming

On the Wednesday, December 22, Nightline on ABC, inspired by recent extreme weather, correspondent Dan Harris filed a report on global warming in which he gave attention to the views of a ...

Fire and Ice

Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but cant decide weather we face an ice age or warming
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