Media Critics Left and Right Agree: Times Goofed in Not Running McCain Op-ed

The left-leaning Columbia Journalism Review concluded that the Times' "tenuous arguments about newsworthiness" served "only to feed the paper's reputation as a vehicle for thinly veiled liberal bias."

NYT Writer "Surprised" by McCain Op-Ed Rejection

Bias tilting point? Times writer John Harwood admitted he was "surprised" his paper didn't accept John McCain's pro-surge op-ed after it ran a pro-withdrawal one from Obama.

Larry Rohter Rides to Obama's Defense Once Again

This time, Rohter defends Obama against a McCain ad that blames him for rising gas prices: "'Pump' is misleading on nearly every substantive point."

WaPo Whacks McCain's Wife, Grandfather

Articles emphasize Cindy McCain's drug addiction rather than her accomplishments, describe grandfather as a gambler and bootlegger.

The Times Disses McCain Op-ed After Running Obama's

The Times isn't about to give John McCain a break, setting stringent standards before it will take a pro-surge op-ed from him, even though it printed Obama's pro-withdrawal op-ed last week.

On "False and Misleading" Statements, Campaign Blame Falls Mainly on McCain

Jim Rutenberg: "'If the dialogue becomes too elevated, I'll have to retire,' said Brooks Jackson, the director. 'So far, no danger there.' The group has had a particularly busy ...

Is Michael Cooper "Trying to" Make McCain Look Bad?

In Cooper's telling, McCain is always "trying" but never succeeding.

John McCain, Disqualified at Birth, Part II

The Times runs yet another flaky story questioning the presidential eligibility of John McCain.

McCain Fails Another Larry Rohter "Checkpoint" - Obama Can Do No Wrong

Rushing to Obama's aid: A comment from a "conservative" group "not only misrepresents what Mr. Obama said, it also ignores the views he has expressed in the past on the proper role of English and ...

Big News: Obama's Seen Lots of States

Twelve-hundred words in the Times on Obama's expanding horizons: "The presidential campaign has not only given the country a chance to meet Mr. Obama. It has also given Mr. Obama a chance to meet ...
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