NYT's Powell Claims McCain Camp Started Race Card "Furor"

"Senator Barack Obama is a man of few rhetorical stumbles..."? Michael Powell's front-page report on Obama and the race card gets off to a bad start.

"Objective Sources" Like WP, NYT Say McCain Ads "Over the Top & Unfair"

With the U.S. succeeding in Iraq, the Times abruptly decides the war is no longer important to voters. Adam Nagourney: "Don't you think that people are thinking about different things right now?" ...

NYT Calls McCain Ad Racist, McCain Camp Likens Editors to Kos Kids

Give me a break: "The ad gave us an uneasy feeling that the McCain campaign was starting up the same sort of racially tinged attack on Mr. Obama that Republican operatives ran against Harold Ford, ...

Kerry: 'Al-Qaida Leadership is More Capable of Attacking Today' than on 9/11

Senator proposes $7.5 billion in 'non-military' aid; says 'winning the war of ideas' against al-Qaida important to climate change, AIDS.

McCain Loses Civility, Spews "Inaccurate," "Misleading" Attacks on Obama

Reporter Jim Rutenberg frets over McCain's harsh attacks: "The intensity of the recent drive - which has included some assertions from the McCain campaign that have been widely dismissed as ...

McCain "Waving the Flag of Fear" Against Obama With "False" Attacks

A lead editorial insists McCain is peddling a "false account" of Obama's cancelled visit to wounded troops in Germany - but the paper's fact-checker leaves the question open. Also: Is it really ...

Rushing to Obama's Defense Against More "Misleading" Ads By McCain

Two news stories on the same page accuse John McCain of running "misleading" ads against Barack Obama.

Elisabeth Bumiller, Queen of the "Neo-Conservative" Label

Bumiller puts John McCain on the defensive in a foreign policy clash of wills, with "pragmatists" and realists on one side and "conservatives" and "neoconservatives" on the other.

"Grumpy," Gaffe-Prone McCain vs. Obama's "Tone Poems" in Berlin

"On Thursday evening in a glittering Berlin, cheered by as many as 200,000 people, Mr. Obama delivered a tone poem to American and European ideals and shared history. In contrast, just before he ...

McCain's "Sometimes Hapless" Efforts to Showcase His Foreign Policy Cred

"Mr. McCain also displayed the bumpy and sometimes hapless nature of his own effort to prove that he is the candidate with the sterling foreign policy credentials."
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