Gore Can't Even Recite His Global Warming Pledge Accurately

     You might think if a politician repeated the same message for a year, he would get it right.


     Not Al Gore.


    On the eve of his “Live Earth” global warming “awareness” concerts, former Vice President Gore took the whole hour of CNN’s July 5 “Larry King Live” to hype his cause.


     Gore used King’s show to promote the “seven-point pledge” that he’s asking concert goers to embrace. “[W]e are asking all of the 2 billion people estimated to be in the audience Saturday to sign a seven-point pledge that embodies the solution to the climate crisis.”


     He got that part right.


     Then he got to the actual proposal … and got it wrong. Gore said he was urging viewers to pressure their governments “to sign and join an international treaty within two years that cuts global warming pollution by 90 percent in the developing countries and by more than half worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy earth.”


     But that’s not what the Gore seven-point pledge actually asked for. Developing nations wouldn’t have to reduce global warming pollution by 90 percent. Developed countries would – like the United States.


     Developing nations would get the benefit of those Western cuts – like China, the world’s leading producer of carbon, and India, another nation that has a low Environmental Performance Index rating (47.7) ranking it 118 out of 133 nations by the World Economic Forum.


     Gore alluded to China on King’s show, since one of the Live Earth concerts will be in Shanghai. He defined China as developing and not developed. “They have a right to aspire to a higher quality of life, but they shouldn't have to repeat the mistakes that we made 100 years ago and continue burning so much dirty fuel without capturing the carbon pollution and keeping it from going into the atmosphere,” Gore said to King.


     The media are on Gore’s side, given him free advertising for the concerts and 75 hours of network time for the actual concerts. Gore also appeared on NBC’s “Today” July 5. He added appearances on CBS’s “The Early Show” and CNN’s “American Morning” program the day before the concerts.


     But despite the amped up coverage, it was the same old Gore echoing his apocalyptic rhetoric. “This is no joke, Harry. The North Pole is melting,” Gore said on CBS’s “The Early Show.” “A huge area of snow near the South Pole, an area the size of California, has been melting. The scientists are practically screaming from the rooftops on this.”


     Gore also unveiled a surprise concert would be held at The Mall in Washington, at the National Museum of the American Indian.


     Sen. James Inhofe (R.-Okla.) objected to The Mall as a Live Earth venue last March.  “There has never been a partisan political event at the Capitol, and this is a partisan political event,” Inhofe said to The Hill on March 27.


     But Gore told CNN’s John Roberts July 6 that Inhofe’s objection was done as a political tactic. “You may remember earlier in the year, there was an effort to have one of the major concerts there and a couple of global warming naysayers used parliamentary tricks in the Congress to block that,” Gore said on “American Morning.”


     One Republican Senate staffer told the Business & Media Institute July 6 that Gore originally wanted to use the Capitol Lawn but was rebuffed by the Senate GOP. Since he could not locate a private venue for his concert in Washington, the main American venue went to New Jersey. “This new location at the Indian museum does not require congressional approval and thus Gore could have done at any time,” said the staffer on Gore’s last minute ploy.