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Director of Media Analysis
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Is Bush "Ripping the Heart" Out of People?

Budget Coverage Is Low on Big-Picture Numbers, High on Hyperbole About Government Beneficiaries

Morning Shows Give Short Shrift to CBS Hoax

Overnight, CBS's Dan Rather Fiasco Goes From Big Story to Minimal Story on ABC, NBC, and CNN

Moyers Ends With a Silly Whimper, Not a Bang

PBS Omnipresence Retires with Ridiculous Claim that There's No Liberal Bias, Only Conservative Bias

Late Hit Proves Media's Urge to Help Kerry

Al-Qaqaa Bombshells Prove Anti-Bush Media Can't Resist Trying to "Push Undecideds the Other Way"

ABC Asks Bush How He'll Lose, Leave Iraq

Charles Gibson Devoted Half of His Presidential Interview Emphasizing the Human Costs of the War

Bill Clinton Boom, George W. Bush Gloom

Economic Numbers in 1996 and 2004 Very Similar, But the Media Spin Depends on Who's President

Meet Bob Schieffer, CBS's Dan Rather Echo

Rathergate or No Rathergate, CBS's Face the Nation Host Has Given Brickbats for Bush, Kudos for Kerry

Will the "Uncommitted" Be Mostly Liberals?

Letting the Moderator Pick the Gallup Questioners Led to a Bigger Slant in Liberal Questioners in 2000

PBS's Gwen Ifill: No Moderate Moderator

Running-Mate Debate Host Has Likened Conservatives to Terrorists, Truck Bombers, and Assassins

Lehrer Favored Liberal Questions in 2000

Forget the Fuss About Debate Rules: Will Bush and Cheney Get a Fair Shake from Four Liberal Anchors?

Lining Up in Dan Rather's Valley of Forgery

Geraldo Feels Sorry for Rather, Helen Thomas Says He's "Magnificent," Diane Sawyer Finds "A Giant"

60 Minutes Has Pounded on Bush All Year

CBS Interview with Texas Democrat Only the Latest Salvo in an Undeniable Trend of Bush-Bashing

CBS Belittles Bush but Fawned Over Kerry

Republican Convention, Day 4: "Compassionate Conservatism" Mantra Rings Hollow to CBS Reporter

Decrying Miller's "Ugly" "Raw Meat" Speech

Republican Convention, Day 3: ABC's Stephanopoulos Hears Echoes of 1992 Houston Convention

Brokaw: Platform Doesn't Speak to Women

Republican Convention, Day 2: MSNBC Reporter Suggests "Compassion" = Supporting Gay Marriage

Reporters Shocked by Anti-Kerry Band-Aids

Republican Convention, Day 1: CNN's Aaron Brown Scolds GOP Speakers' Focus on National Security

TV: Take the Fair and Balanced Challenge

In Boston, Networks Avoided Labels, Social Issues, Anti-Kerry Vets, Quibbles on Facts or Policy Ideas

TV Focuses on Kerry's Spin, Not Kerry's History

ABC, CBS & NBC Morning Shows Have Failed to Interview A Member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

TV Networks Applaud John Kerry's Speech

Democratic Convention, Day 4: On ABC, CBS and NBC, No Liberal Labels For Kerry's Proposals