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Bill Press: Liberals Have No TV Network, No Op-Ed Pages

Apparently liberal radio gabber Bill Press has never read the New York Times, or watched a single TV news program.

What Is ITVS? And Why Is It Funding Libertine-Left Propaganda?

In funding filmmakers to go out and make one-sided left-wing films, Public Broadcasting subsidies serve, in effect, as ideological pork-barrel spending.
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No Fairness Doctrine for PBS

How Taxpayer-Funded Broadcasting is "Surging" Left Under Democrats

Story on Limbaugh Auction Misleads in the Lede

The Times again misconstrued Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" comment.

NBC, Matt Lauer Taking Larry Craig Interview Into Prime Time

The bias is clear: NBC's Today show led with Republican Sen. Larry Craig six times in seven days, but mentioned Democratic Rep. William Jefferson's bribery scandal only once.

NYT Hits Rita Braver's Conflict of Interest - But Not With Hillary

Media reporter Jacques Steinberg let CBS reporter Rita Braver get away with an untrue statement: that she has "stayed away" from Clinton interviews after her husband's legal work for the Clintons ...

TIME Plays TV Doctor: Suggests Vatican Gave Pope John Paul II A Push Into Death

TIME promotes the views of an Italian doctor who did what the magazine condemned Senator Bill Frist for doing: diagnosing a patient from video footage.

Times Watch's Waters Appears on Fox & Friends to Discuss MoveOn.org-NYT Ad

Times Watch director Clay Waters appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss the New York Times offering cut-rate ad space to MoveOn.org to bash General Petraeus as a betrayer of his country.
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Huffington's House of Horrors

A Compendium of Far-Left Flame-Throwing, Name-Calling, and Attack-Dogging

Cancer Society Veers to the Left: a "Nonpartisan" Tilt?

New ads pushing government-mandated "access" are not presented as liberal or socialist, but as a sensibly pragmatic solution to reducing the cancer death rate

Chris Matthews, Alan Alda to Star at NYT 'Great Literary Brunch'

Might we detect a liberal tilt in the Sunday brunch lineup of "best-selling authors"?

Bill Keller Told Cheney Aide Liberal Bias Was "Relatively Rare" in NYT

In denial: The paper's executive editor admitted some Times stories occasionally show "liberal assumptions," but thought "those instances are relatively rare, and I fight to filter them out and ...

First Daughter, 476th Puff Piece

For those who can't read all the way through Jodi Kantor's sticky valentine to Chelsea Clinton, there were mildly negative bits

NBC's Queen of Green Hosts 'Live Earth'

Today News Anchor Ann Curry Has History of Sappy Promotion of Celebrity Environmentalists

Questioning Michael Moore's Math

Times correspondent Anthony DePalma granted points to Cuba for "universal" health care, but found a lot to question in Michael Moore's thick praise of the Cuban health system in his film "Sicko."

The Left Eats Its Own

Times art critic Holland Cotter disparaged the Whitney Museum's new "Summer of Love" exhibit for racism, sexism, and commercialism. He only could applaud the anti-Americanism.

Julia Preston vs. Strange Anger

At a Council on Foreign Relations event, Times reporter Julia Preston described a strange anger in the land against immigration, because "Americans don't understand it."

Amnesty Good, Tax Cuts Bad

In 2007, the Times used its poll to push for passage of an immigration "reform" bill. But in 2001, its poll stories tried to explain away public support for Bush's tax cuts.

The Poll's Goals

The New York Times reports its own poll on immigration, complete with slanted questions and a slanted cherry-picking of the answers.

Hillary Clinton, Green Queen of Wal-Mart?

The Times investigated Hillary's service on the Wal-Mart board, but first thought of it as an "antidote to Republican efforts" to define her as a liberal...and then they touted where she was one.