CNN Calls Legal Reform Silly

     Serwers failure to mention the state of the legal system and the necessity for reform was not surprising. The Business & Media Institute study "Media Malpractice" showed that the media routinely omit or give incomplete coverage of tort reform.

     Serwer stated that class action lawyers, fast food executives, litigious obese people, and Congress were acting foolishly. Yet he ignored the benefits of personal responsibility in society and the cost of offloading that responsibility. TheBusiness & Media Institute has reported on the John S. Tilley Ladder Co., which was driven out of business in early 2004 by fear of litigation even though the company was still profitable and says it never lost a lawsuit. According to company President Robert Howland, When you buy a ladder, a quarter or more of the cost you pay is just for the insurance. Allowing companies to protect themselves from going out of business and preventing people losing their jobs from lawsuits is hardly foolish.