CNNs In the Money Team Loves Jabs at Wal-Mart

     But the video isnt about fun a fact obvious to anyone who watched the audience reaction when it debuted October 13 on the Jay Leno Show. The video showed to an audience that rarely made any noise at all during the more than two-minute diatribe against Big Box-Mart, the videos made up name for Wal-Mart.

     Wastler even went further in his assessment of the video, claiming, It shows the economic cycle of eventually you put yourself out of work and end up working at Big Box-Mart. Even the CNN team didnt try to pretend that video meant any store other than Wal-Mart.

     The October 17 Lou Dobbs Tonight also welcomed the online satirists with open arms. Dobbs referred to the video as a devastating, hilarious look at the state of our nations economy. He then argued it shows how major retailers are helping out the middle class. The broadcast was then turned over his program to JibJab, broadcasting the entire video.

     Dobbs followed up by interviewing the geniuses behind the video that made us laugh. Dobbs continued his attack on Wal-Mart and this business practice that we consider extraordinarily wrongheaded.

     Dobbs continued by calling it a devastating piece of satire. He did briefly address Wal-Marts position, because the firm had pointed out that the JibJab video was wildly one-sided. He gave Wal-Mart a back-handed compliment saying that Wal-Marts request for a sequel that lampoons Wal-Marts critics was about as a humane expression as Ive heard from Wal-Mart in some time.

     The October 14 Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News hammered home the lack of balance in a stronger way. Foxs Stuart Varney asked the JibJab duo directly, So, are you going to come up with a sequel that lampoons Wal-Marts critics, guys? After laughing, hemming and hawing, Gregg Spiridellis vowed that we will definitely take it into consideration, which likely was a nice way of saying no. Varney also dared to ask the JibJabbers whether they were very much left of center, although they denied it.