The Best of Notable Quotables; December 12, 1988

Vol. One; No. 22

Phil Donahue


Phil Donahue: "Let’s fight communism by making it safe for your mother to be on the New York subway. Let’s fight communism that way. Let’s make America work. You and the Reagan ideologues have spent us into oblivion -- our children are going to have to pay this bill -- and you step forward, like some religious figure saying, ‘more bombs, more bullets, let’s get the beachhead!’ Now the beachhead, as, like, Managua’s a beachhead like World War II. You’re living like in an old ‘40's movie..."      
Pat Buchanan: "Phil, calm down."

-- exchange on the April 25 Donahue.

"The [Catholic] Church has always thrived on ignorance and oppression."

-- Phil Donahue, interviewed by Pat Buchanan on CNN’s Larry King Live, May 31.