The Best of Notable Quotables; December 15, 1997

Vol. Ten; No. 25

Good Morning Morons Award

"Well, for centuries, I mean, Scandinavia has really been
known, all these countries, for their innovative and their
progressive social systems. But when it comes to protecting
women's rights and children's rights, Norway could really teach
most other countries a thing or two. They are the top priorities
here. Largely responsible for this, former Prime Minister Gro
Harlem Brundtland, and she is the first woman to hold that
"She's been very instrumental in pioneering some of these
sweeping changes that have really greatly improved the quality of
life for women and for children in Norway. Nice to have you here.
I think most women, when they hear that, they just want to pack
up and come right over here. But these have been sweeping changes
that really have improved life here for women and children. Why
do you think it happened in such a short time?....And they also
have the lowest crime rate in the world. This is a very, very interesting country that we could learn a little bit from. Hopefully, we can get some of those programs instituted in America. Thank you for having us here."  

--Good Morning America co-host Joan Lunden interviewing former Labour Party Prime Minister Brundtland during May 13 show from Norway. [94 points]


"It is clear that day care in this country is inaccessible to
many, cost prohibitive for others, substandard in many
situations. What can the government actually do to alleviate some
of these problems?"
"As you know, Mrs. Clinton, regulations for at-home day care vary
so much from state to state in terms of the ratio of children to
day care provider, do you think there should be some kind of
overall federal regulations?"  

--Today co-host Katie Couric to Hillary Rodham Clinton, October 23. [62]

"But in fairness, what is wrong with Newt Gingrich reaching out
to some other groups, extending himself? I mean, can't you catch
more flies with honey? Isn't there something about that? And
perhaps the rigidity of some of the conservative Republicans and
their almost religious adherence to the Contract with America,
didn't that ultimately backfire on them?"  

--NBC's Katie Couric to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), April 2 Today. [52]