The Best of Notable Quotables; December 15, 1997

Vol. Ten; No. 25

Satan of the South Award (for Hating Jesse Helms)

Sam Donaldson: "I think Governor Weld has done this country a
service in a sense, even though I think that he's been shot down
in the ocean now, and that is by allowing the country to see
Senator Helms in action. Over the years I've run into him two or
three times at receptions here and he's the most gentlemanly,
courtly, friendly, pleasant individual you would ever hope to
meet. But, when you see him in action, you see beneath that
courtliness beats the heart of a dictator and I think the country
is appalled."
George Stephanopoulos: "Or a terrorist. The President is really,
I think made a mistake because he's been negotiating with a
terrorist here."  

--Exchange on ABC's This Week, September 14. [106 points]


James Warren, Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau Chief: "I also
find interesting this revisionism about Senator Helms. We've sort
of turned his dogmatism and bigotry into now, the iron-willed
principle of a man of the right."
Mona Charen: "What bigotry?"
Warren: "Oh, his gay-baiting, his union-bashing. His hatred of
any fundings for the arts. His isolationism."  

--Exchange on August 3 edition of CNN's Capital Gang. [68]

"He had deep roots in the conservative traditions of the Old
South. In his campaigns, Helms had been known to exploit the race
issue for political advantage, which is exactly how slave owners
and conservatives used to dominate Southern politics."  

--CNN's William Schneider in the Los Angeles Times, August 10. [64]