The Best of Notable Quotables; December 18, 1995

Vol. Eight; No. 26

Media Hero Award

“Despite her soaring popularity and role as queen of the Democratic Party, she was ousted from office in the nation’s sweep to the right. Today more than half a year since her surprising defeat, she remains as popular as ever....Six months after her defeat, the light of this Lone Star legend doesn’t seem to have dimmed one bit.”

– NBC weekend Today co-host Giselle Fernandez in a June 18 profile of former Texas Governor Ann Richards who was so popular that she lost her re-election bid.


“A lot has been written about you in the last couple of weeks. Much of it has a sense that Mario Cuomo is a man full of promise and now that your 12 years in Albany is done, much of that promise is unfulfilled. Do you disagree with that?....The sense of the promise that you may have been able to deliver to people, your eloquence, your intelligence, that did not translate, for lack of a better term, into dynamic governance?....How are you going to use this? Are you, will you continue to use this passion, will you continue to use this eloquence? Some people have suggested you should become a counterbalance to Rush Limbaugh.”

CBS This Morning co-host Harry Smith’s questions to Mario Cuomo, December 30, 1994.