The Best of Notable Quotables; December 18, 1995

Vol. Eight; No. 26

Good Morning Morons Award

“Janet Reno has asked for an independent counsel to investigate charges against HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown is being investigated. Questions have been raised about Transportation Secretary Federico Pena. Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy resigned under pressure, as did Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. The Clinton White House seems to be having a hard time retaining high-profile minorities particularly. Do you think, Senator, they are being held to a higher standard in Washington than their white predecessors?”

– Bryant Gumbel to Sen. Ted Kennedy, March 15 Today.


“He has hope of staying out [of a gang] as long as he has a basketball in his hands....Without the basketball this kid is running drugs, carrying a gun and soon to kill somebody. And that’s true in place after place. Now we get to decide: Do you want a basketball in his hands, to continue trying to convince him to stay out of a gang, or do you want to face him in a dark street some night with a nine-millimeter Glock in his hands?”

– Dan Rather on the January 26 CBS This Morning promoting the prime time special on youth violence In the Killing Fields of America.

“President Clinton will be attending more ceremonies in Hawaii marking V-J Day, Victory over Japan. Saturday, Mr. Clinton went to a ceremony on a hill high above Honolulu. He praised those who served in the military 50 years ago, saying they saved the world. After today’s ceremonies marking the end of World War II, President Clinton will head back to the United States.”

– NBC anchor Giselle Fernandez, September 3 Today. Hawaii became a state in 1959.

“Two weeks after his acquittal, we’ll see how O.J. Simpson is still being treated as if he were guilty.”

– Bryant Gumbel, October 16 Today.