The Best of Notable Quotables; December 18, 1995

Vol. Eight; No. 26

1995 Award Judges

Ray Archer, Arizona Republic editorial writer and columnist
Brent Baker, Editor of MediaWatch and Notable Quotables
Mark Belling, talk show host, WISN in Milwaukee
Neal Boortz, talk show host, WSB in Atlanta
L. Brent Bozell III, Chairman, the Media Research Center
David Brudnoy, WBZ Radio and TV commentator, Boston
Priscilla Buckley, Senior Editor of National Review
Don Cook, Program Director, WCHS in Charleston, WVa.
John Corry, American Spectator “Presswatch” columnist
Sandy Crawford, Editor of TV, etc.
Mark Davis, talk show host, WBAP in Dallas/Ft. Worth
Midge Decter, author and retired troublemaker
Jim Eason, talk show host, KGO in San Francisco
Barry Farber, syndicated radio talk show host
Don Feder, Boston Herald writer and syndicated columnist
John Fund, editorial writer, The Wall Street Journal
Mark Gilman, talk show host, KKHT-FM in Houston
Tim Graham, Co-Editor of Notable Quotables
David Gold, talk show host, KLIF in Dallas
Johnny Hart, cartoonist, creator of B.C. and The Wizard of Id
Kirk Healy, talk show host, WDBO in Orlando
Arianna Huffington, Chair, Center for Effective Compassion
Marie Kaigler, independent journalist and broadcaster, Detroit
Cliff Kincaid, media columnist, Human Events
Paul Koloski, Editorial Editor, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Tim Lamer, Editor of MediaNomics
John Leonard, TV interviewer, N. Ft. Myers, Florida
Jason Lewis, talk show host, KSTP in Minneapolis/St. Paul
G. Gordon Liddy, nationally syndicated radio personality
Tony Macrini, Program Director, WNIS in Norfolk
Marlin Maddoux, syndicated radio talk show host, USA Network
Patrick McGuigan, Editor, editorial page, Daily Oklahoman
Jan Mickelson, talk show host, WHO in Des Moines
Wes Minter, talk show host, WCCO in Minneapolis/St. Paul
Oliver North, husband, father, small businessman, talk show host
Robert D. Novak, syndicated columnist; TV commentator
Kate O'Beirne, Washington Editor for National Review
Marvin Olasky, Professor of journalism, U. of Texas at Austin
Henry Payne, editorial cartoonist, Scripps Howard Newspapers
Joseph Perkins, syndicated columnist, San Diego Union Tribine
Dan Pierce, talk show host, WGIR in Manchester, NH
Mike Pintek, talk show host, KDKA in Pittsburgh
Wladyslaw Pleszczynski, Executive Editor, American Spectator
Michael Reagan, host, the Michael Reagan Talk Show
Mike Rosen, talk show host, KOA; columnist, Denver Post
William Rusher, Distinguished Fellow, Claremont Institute
Ted J. Smith III, journalism professor, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Philip Terzian, syndicated columnist, The Providence Journal
Peter Wilkinson Thiele, TV producer, freelance writer, talk host
Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist; CNBC talk host
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., Editor-in-Chief of The American Spectator
Carl Wiglesworth, talk show host, WOAI in San Antonio
Armstrong Williams, syndicated radio talk show host, columnist
Dick Williams, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist; author of Newt: Leader of the Second American Revolution
Walter Williams, Professor of economics, George Mason U.
Thomas Winter, Editor of Human Events
Barry Young, host, WestStar TalkRadio Network; KFYI, Phoenix