The Best of Notable Quotables; December 25, 1989

Vol. Two; No. 26

Walter Mondale Award For Tax Hike Insistence

"We have this drug problem, we have an education problem in the country. All we keep doing is cutting the domestic budget because taxes aren’t being asked for. When does it become necessary to start investing in our future by fixing these problems, and when you do decide it becomes necessary, won’t it become necessary to raise taxes? And just isn’t that a bald truth?"

-- Lesley Stahl to OMB Director Richard Darman, July 23 Face the Nation.


"If we don’t find some way to raise new revenues, that means taxes, we’re going to continue this self-deception, we’re going to continue to add to the national deficit, we’re going to continue to cause this country to head toward an economic abyss."

-- Sam Donaldson on This Week, September 24.

"Returning from his foreign travels, George Bush came home to domestic economic realities today. To the stubborn budget deficit that most economists say will never be seriously reduced without the new taxes to which the President remains opposed."

-- Reporter Mark Phillips on CBS Evening News, July 18.

"The borrow-and-spend policies that Ronald Reagan presided over have bequeathed to his chosen successor a downsized presidency devoid of the resources to address long neglected domestic problems. The Bush campaign strategists -- with the candidate’s active complicity -- burdened the new President with an obdurate stance on taxes."

-- Reporters Michael Duffy and Richard Hornik in Time, February 20.