The Best of Notable Quotables; December 25, 1989

Vol. Two; No. 26

Joe Isuzu Award

"Communism got to be a terrible word here in the United States, but our attitude toward it may have been unfair. Communism got in with a bad crowd when it was young and never had a fair chance...
The Communist ideas of creating a society in which everyone does his best for the good of everyone is appealing and fundamentally a more uplifting idea than capitalism. Communism’s only real weakness seems to be that it doesn’t work."

-- 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney in The New York Times, June 26.

"Indeed, most observers and politicians here agree that the election is just one part of a larger process involving squaring the revolutionary side of Nicaraguan society -- the meshing of the Sandinista party with the government and Army after 10 years of rule -- with a trend toward establishing a liberal democracy.  That is a long process fraught with contradictions that an opposition victory could force to a conclusion too soon."

-- Reporter J.D. Gannon in The Christian Science Monitor, October 26.

"The incident is now known throughout the country as ‘Bloody Sunday’ and marked a desperate moment in the leadership’s attempts to win public confidence in its movement for democratic change."

-- Washington Post reporter David Remnick on Soviet troops killing peaceful protesters in Georgia, October 12.

"Medical care was once for the privileged few. Today it is available to every Cuban and it is free. Some of Cuba’s health care is world class. In heart disease, for example, in brain surgery. Health and education are the revolution’s great success stories."

-- ABC’s Peter Jennings on the April 3 World News Tonight.